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Working at OCAP

Working at OCAP means using and honing your skills within a dynamic global organisation at the forefront of banking and technology. If you are prepared to excel in a fast-paced, agile, and collaborative environment that values your ambition, creativity, and desire to learn, explore career opportunities at OCAP.

The vision driving us

We believe everyone should have access to the global capital markets.

We aim to empower individuals worldwide to achieve their financial goals and bring a positive impact to their lives through the capabilities of our technology. If you are ready to tackle the challenge of dismantling barriers in global financial markets, we are continuously seeking ambitious and enthusiastic individuals who share our passion for clients, technology, and innovation, bringing a fresh perspective to our diverse team.

Creating a win-win environment

At OCAP, we firmly believe in cultivating win-win relationships. Whether with clients, partners, shareholders, or employees, our success is intertwined with theirs. We prioritise long-term progress over short-term gains, emphasising the creation of exceptional teams, a robust culture, and a positive work environment.

200,000 OpenAPI request/day
135+ Partner applications
400+ Financial intermediaries
200+ Partner banks and brokers

Career paths

At OCAP we work together to deliver user-friendly trading and investment platform experience to all our clients.


Diversity at OCAP

Protections you’ll keep

OCAP gains strength from the diverse perspectives and experiences within our international, multicultural teams. We emphasise providing our employees with opportunities to achieve their career aspirations in a fair and unbiased professional setting, empowering them to thrive, succeed, and take on leadership roles.

At OCAP, our pursuit of improvement is continuous, and we are dedicated to increasing balance and eliminating unconscious biases in hiring, promotion, leadership, and our overarching corporate culture.

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