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The opportunities within the global capital markets are accessible to all. We firmly believe that everyone possesses the capability to transform their aspirations for the future into reality. That’s why we are focused on assisting you in making informed investment and trading decisions. Gain access to over 71,000 financial products, along with comprehensive tools to guide you in effectively executing your plans.


Accelerate your financial growth

Navigate the global markets

Everything you need to navigate the global markets is at your fingertips in the OCAP platforms. Choose from a wide choice of financial products and hundreds of different ways to trade and invest.

Focus on your investing goals

We source the best products in the market for you. As an independent provider of these services, we can offer unbiased support to help you meet your goals, not ours.

Inform your every trading decision

You need the right information to make the right decisions. We help you navigate market turns through curated investment themes, expert market commentary, smart alerts to your phone, charting tools, and in-depth webinars.

Invest on your terms

Whether you want to grow your money slowly in low-risk assets or you’re looking to profit quickly from short-term price developments, we help you get the most from your money. Build your portfolio the way you want it, and put your strategy into action with the help of platform tools.
1,000,000 Clients worldwide
70+ bn GBP client assets
260,000 Daily executed trades
30+ years Experience in the industry

The security of your investments and your personal data are important to us.

Your funds are protected with us

When you make a deposit into a Saxo account, your money is guaranteed as it’s safeguarded in at least one segregated account and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Setting the bar higher

We take the lead in ensuring fair practices and promoting transparency within the financial services industry. As part of this commitment, we have taken the necessary steps to align our activities with the FX Global Code of Conduct.

We power 200+ banks and brokers and 400+ financial intermediaries

Our technology facilitates the connection of companies of various sizes to global exchanges. Banks, brokers, financial advisors, fintech firms, and other partners utilise our capital markets solutions to offer trading and investment services to their clients.
200,000 OpenAPI request/day
135+ Partner applications
400+ Financial intermediaries
200+ Partner banks and brokers

Dynamic markets, dynamic strategies

We consistently question and leverage data to enhance the offerings to our clients. We constitute a proactive team with diverse skills and backgrounds, all dedicated to providing an ever-evolving investment and trading experience.

Our commitment to remain at the forefront of the industry drives us to continuously anticipate and challenge the status quo. The executive team, industry specialists, and technology experts frequently contribute thought leadership pieces covering a range of topics, from challenges facing financial service providers to global fintech trends.

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