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Comprehensive account overview

Manage your account or analyse performance in detail with our revamped account section.

Portfolio summary

View current and historical reports of your net holdings, including total value and percentage exposure of each holding.

Performance analysis

Dedicated dashboards visualise your P/L, returns and performance history for any account and timeframe.

Returns breakdown

Analyse the development of your trades using time-weighted percentages.

In-depth Research hub

Inform your trading with curated research content, including news, SaxoStrats analysis, price data, trade ideas and educational material.

Asset specific news and analysis

Whichever market you trade you can quickly see the main instrument moves, latest news and gain trading inspiration.

Global Sales Trading market updates

See live market updates and commentary from our experienced Global Sales Trading team.

Relevant insights direct to your phone

Be alerted to any sudden price moves or important actions which may impact your individual positions.

Innovative risk-management features

Discover unique tools to manage your risk and control your positions.


Account shield

The account shield acts as a stop loss on your entire account value. If triggered, it liquidates all your open positions.


Stop orders

Protect your positions from adverse market moves with trailing stops and stop-limit orders.


Cancel all orders

Cancel all orders, or just those within an asset class, with a few clicks.


Margin breakdown

Easily monitor the margin utilisation for each instrument.


Margin alerts

Set custom margin alerts to receive pop-up and push-notifications.


Quick close positions

Close all FX and CFD positions, or just those within an asset class, in two clicks.

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Global access

Trade FX, FX options, CFDs, stocks, ETFs, futures, listed options and bonds, from 125 global exchanges.



Receive personalised one-to-one support from our in-house Sales Traders, or have a dedicated point of contact with your own Relationship Manager.


OCAP Professional

Open an OCAP account as an elective professional and avoid regulatory interventions intended for less experienced traders.

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